thousands of women protest in New York against Donald Trump

Published on : 18/10/2020 – 00:46

In the United States, the Women’s March on Saturday called for demonstrations across the country to protest the hasty appointment of Conservative Justice Amy Coney Barrett to the Supreme Court. As in 2016, after Donald Trump’s victory, women feel the rights threatened by the decisions of the current administration.

On her sign, Ava Harling wrote the last wishes of Ruth Bader Ginsburg who asked not to be replaced before the presidential election. “ She was very clear. And I think they disrespect her and her last wishes. »

Like this young student, they were a few hundred this Saturday morning in the streets of New York came to protest against the appointment of the judge Amy Coney Barrett to the Supreme Court. ” I know she says she wants to keep an open mind, but her past on abortion or Obamacare is scary », Observes a protester.

« We have people in power who make decisions that go against our individual rights as human beings, especially as women. », Considers another demonstrator. With less than three weeks before the elections, the demonstrators are calling for a mass vote against the current administration.

« People have to take this seriously. We have to vote and kick this guy out. It is very serious », Launches a young woman. ” My ballot is coming, I’ll sign it. All my friends are going to vote. I’m 18 years old. So many people vote, I’m optimistic », Continues another.

As in New York, thousands of people are marching this Saturday across the country against the policies of Donald Trump and the appointment of Amy Coney Barrett. They promise to increase the protests over the next two weeks.

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