Thousands of women on the streets in the United States against appointment of ultra-conservative judge

The demonstrations took place in the middle of the process of confirming the nomination of Amy Coney Barrett by the Senate, which is expected to validate her on October 26.

Trump and the Republican senators, who represent the majority in the Senate, have stepped up the process to confirm Barrett’s nomination before the elections, to which the current President re-runs for the Republican party, after progressive judge Ruth Bader Ginsburg, a pioneer of feminism and reproductive rights, to have died in September.

In the capital, Washington, the protesters were at the Capitol and ended up in the wide garden area that joins Congressional headquarters and the White House.

At the same time, the organization Voz das Mulheres Independentes promoted a concentration of support for Judge Amy Coney Barrett in front of the Supreme Court headquarters.

In New York, about 300 protesters gathered in Washington Square, wearing pink caps and posters in support of Democratic presidential candidate Joe Biden or in memory of Judge Ruth Bader Ginsburg.

Heard this week by the Senate Judiciary Committee, Amy Coney Barrett promised to keep her faith away from her job as a judge, while refusing to clarify a number of issues, such as the right of American women to abortion, which it opposes and which the Supreme Court recognized in 1973.

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