Thousands of people surprisingly received money from the bank

No, it’s not a “Christmas miracle”, really thousands of people received money on December 25 – into their own account – being completely surprised (both for the amount and for the disbursement). It happened in London, and the story involved the European bank Santander, which accidentally deposited £ 130 million (more than € 150 million) out of 75,000 transactions.

How thousands of people found themselves having extra money in their checking account on Christmas day

The unexpected deposit, arrived on the Bank account of different Santander customers, was the result of a mistake in the system. Specifically, it was an error that occurred when payments to 2,000 business accounts in the UK were processed twice, so some employees saw their salary double in December.

“We are sorry that due to a technical problem, some payments from our corporate customers have been incorrectly duplicated on recipient accounts,” a Santander spokesperson told CNBC.

The bank said that the double payments on current accounts were caused by a “Planning problem”, then corrected. Now the problem remains that of recovering the incorrect payments, many of which went to bank accounts run by rival banks.

“We will work hard with banks across the UK to recover duplicate transactions in the coming days,” the bank official said.

How the bank intends to recover the money paid in error

Santander, once the error was made known and exposed to the front line to remedy it, made it known that the process for recovery of assets is a process known in the credit industry as the “bank error recovery process”.

This procedure provides for collaboration with other banking institutions, with the consequent recovery of accidental payments. After the “Christmas surprise”, the company then explained that it has the ability to recover funds directly from the accounts of the people who received them (without having to ask for specific authorization).

Those who have registered strange movements in entry, therefore, will soon have to take into account having to return everything.

And speaking of banks, errors and remedies: also in Italy you can proceed with the seizure of the current account (we explain here how it works), e here the rules in force for the attachment of the sums.


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