Thousands of foreigners mistakenly receive a check for $ 1,200 in the United States

Approximately $ 43 million in incentives of $ 1,200 were mistakenly distributed to foreigners living in the United States, NPR reported.

According to this medium, the recipients had temporary work visas to be in the United States, so they did not qualify for the incentive created by the Cares Act.

In addition, an accounting firm reported to NPR that many of the people who received the money are no longer in the United States, and spent the money in their respective countries. The firm stated that it has clients from 129 countries that received the federal money.

The $ 1,200 of the Cares law

The incentive, which was part of the federal Cares law, awarded $ 1,200 to citizens earning $ 75,000 a year or less and $ 2,400 to marriages with an annual salary of $ 150,000 or less. In addition, she gave $ 500 for dependent children under 16 years of age.

However, the law detailed the people who did not qualify for the aid created to help citizens financially in the midst of the pandemic.

Next, we detail who does not qualify for the $ 1,200 of the Cares Law according to the IRS:

  • Pensioners who have been claimed as payroll dependents
  • Older children who are claimed on the income tax return as dependents
  • Foreigners- “A person who is a non-resident alien in 2020 is not eligible for Payment,” explains the IRS on its website.
  • Convicts- According to the IRS, “for a Payment made with respect to a joint return where only one spouse is incarcerated, you need only return the portion of the Payment made on behalf of the incarcerated spouse. This amount will be $ 1,200 unless adjusted gross income exceed $ 150,000. “
  • High-income taxpayers – Individuals who earn more than $ 75,000 a year and marriages who earn more than $ 150,000 annually do not qualify
  • Who does not have a valid Social Security

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