Thousands of flamingos die at the bottom of a Turkish lake, why?


Thousands of birds flamingo died at the bottom of lake Tuz di Turkey in the last two weeks. The cause of death is thought to be due to the drought that hit the lake, possibly due to climate change and improper agricultural irrigation methods.

Most of the dead were baby flamingos or young ones, where they were buried in the drying mud. Lake Tuz is home to a large colony of flamingos. Every year, about 10 thousand flamingos are born in this location.

Turkish Agriculture Minister Bekir Pademirli confirmed about a thousand flamingos had died. “With the lack of water and the abundance of birds, death has struck the flightless bird. I would like to emphasize there is no direct or indirect connection to this incident with irrigation,” he was quoted as saying. detikINET from ABC.

Since 2000, Lake Tuz has been in a protected status to preserve the flora and fauna there including flamingo. Local environmental activists believe that the phenomenon of climate change is the cause, besides that too much water is used for irrigation, resulting in drought.

“The water supply to the lake is mostly used for irrigation, even though it is also needed to get to Lake Tuz. (However) the water does not come,” said Fahri Tunc, an environmental activist.

He said only about 5,000 flamingo eggs hatched this year, a far lower number than before. Meanwhile, the baby flamingos that survived eventually died because of the drought that hit the place.

Usually the flamingo Many pink people gather in this place and drink the abundant lake water. But the severe drought made them leave leaving the dead babies scattered.

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