Thousands of Bulgarians Rally in Support of Parliamentary Republic and EU-NATO Membership

Several thousand people gathered in front of the presidency to express their support for Bulgaria as a parliamentary republic, part of the European Union and NATO. Only a few from the PP-DB coalition turned up at the protest, despite inviting people to join. Among them are Yavor Bozhankov, Stoyan Mihalev, Yordan Terziyski and Manol Peykov, who spoke to the gathering.

The organizer is the “Justice for Everyone” initiative, which supported PP-DB for the elections in April.

We need a regular government. At “Vazrazhdane” the power will go to sleep, said Peykov. He spoke about his confrontation with Kostadinov’s men in parliament yesterday.

I don’t want to say anything about Radev. I know if he comes down here and we look each other in the eye, I know he’s smart enough to know who’s on the right side of the story, he added.

Except that this is not Moscow, this is also not Volgograd. Because the one here, who commanded alone, has spilled like the Volga River, journalist Ivo Injev said about the president. He accused “Vazrazhdane” that they invaded Mother’s home today.

The protesters hold slogans “Radev, you are free to go to the east”, “79 years is enough”, “Radev is a national traitor”, they also wave flags of the EU and the Bulgarian flag.

It is expected that the protest will turn into a procession to the National Assembly.

2023-06-02 16:13:00

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