Thousands of Argentines protest for privileges in vaccination against Covid

AP.- Miles from Argentines protested this Saturday in the May Plaza of Buenos Aires and other cities of the country to show their dissatisfaction with the policy of vaccination against Covid-19 “VIP“, A scandal uncovered last week and that led to the resignation of Health Minister.

In Buenos Aires, capital of Argentina, the protesters carried flags and placards with phrases such as “Que la vaccine I do not know yet privilege”, In a protest with a presence of the main opposition figures in the country. The marches were reproduced in Mar del Plata and other inland cities.

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In the fifth of Olivos, official residence of the president of Argentina, Alberto Fernández, there were incidents and exchanges of blows between union groups and opposition forces.

The protesters used garbage bags as bodies of deceased people with the names of those who received the vaccines before them with a sign that read “I was waiting for the vaccine but the friends of Alberto (Fernandez) ”, Militants of the political organization Field or other names from the list of 70 vaccinated VIP posted this week.

The list included everyone who received the Covid-19 vaccine in a privileged way before your turn.

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“Corruption, it’s a shame, what they did is a shame, here are priorities, there are the grandparents, the teachers, the nurses, the policemen,” Guillermo Cejas, one of the protesters, angrily explained to The Associated Press.

There are “people who need, who are essential, those who are teachers, nurses, I have relatives who are doctors and they have not yet received the vaccineHow can it be that they are receiving the vaccine? ”Criticized Cejas. He added that those politicians “should have been the last to receive it.”

The scandal of the so-called “VIP vaccination“, Which was revealed by a renowned journalist who confessed to having been inoculated before his time, unleashed a commotion in Argentina and culminated with the request of the president Alberto Fernandez to the Minister of Health, Ginés González García, of his resignation on Friday, February 19.

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González was replaced by the second person in the Ministry, the technical expert in vaccines Carla Vizzotti, who took office with the promise of transparency in the administration of dose in the country.

Argentina This Saturday one million 5 thousand 665 people were vaccinated, of which 713 thousand received the first dose and 292 thousand 665 the second, according to information from the presidency.

The weekend also began the distribution of the Covid-19 vaccine from the Chinese company Sinopharm, which came to Argentina last Thursday.

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