Those who want to lose weight should do it before going to the table: a fundamental step

Those who want to lose weight should have this good habit: do it just before going to the table, a fundamental step

Now that summer is over we can finally get back in line and resume our healthy and good habits. During the summer holidays, far from the usual commitments and ‘obligations’ we allowed ourselves some more gluttony without thinking too much about that number on the scale, which in fact is certainly not identifying the being of a person!

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More than that number on the scales, what moves us to get back in shapeis that bloated feeling and heaviness that accompanies us continuously and that does not make us feel at ease with others and in front of the mirror. For this reason, not only do we resume a good and healthy movement but we try to put in the effort to follow one balanced diet.

In this regard, it is always urgent to remember that do-it-yourself in these cases does not always reward and is a good rule rely on an expert doctor who knows how to draw up a program for us that we will obviously strive to follow! While this is not medical advice, it is about good habits that could help us to promote our physical improvement and therefore a lose weight. But what is it about? Here’s what you need do before going to the table.

Losing weight, what to do before dining: a good habit

Lose weight it’s not always that easy. Sometimes you encounter obstacles in your path. But let’s say that in most cases, if followed in the best way and if we stick to the diet and good advice, as well as healthy movementhere the results begin to be seen. And as a result, our mood also changes because we feel more satisfied.

There have always been 5 recommended meals a day, of which 2 (snacks) that we don’t always do. The factual error is to arrive at the table for the main meals, rather hungry. This then pushes us to swallow what we have in front of us not only by eating it in a hurry but we also end up exaggerating with the quantities to satisfy our hunger. For this reason, it would be a good habit to consume before putting ourselves at the table fennel.

Perhaps not many know that this food is truly precious in our diet. Because? Well, his are countless propertyespecially those that help you lose weight!

lose weight
Fennel: eat them to lose weight (Credits: Adobe)

Obviously, this is not a spell. It is not simply by eating fennel alone that we will get real results. But thanks to the rich amount of fiber contained in it, his digestive and diuretic propertieswe can obtain some pleasant benefits.

And did you know it?

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