“Those who need visibility …”. The announcement on social media

Giancarlo Magalli Marcello Cirillo sued: “Those who need visibility …”. The announcement on social media. The conductor of your facts after having already been denounced by Adriana Volpe, goes on the attack and from his Facebook page announces that he has sued his former travel companion. But let’s go in order.

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In a recent interview Marcello Cirillo, a former colleague and musician of I Fatti Vostri, had defined Giancarlo Magalli as a “bad” person and he immediately sided with Adriana Volpe. This time, however, Magalli decided to go to the legal channels and did so by announcing it on his Facebook page: “Because it is not that all those who need visibility must necessarily look for her by speaking badly of me, lying, to end up in the newspapers”. Also on Facebook Magalli said he had read only lies about him: «Apart from being bad – explains the conductor – he wrote that I kicked out Adriana (and that’s not true) and that I kicked him out (and that’s not true). I have never hunted anyone in my life and I don’t even have the power to do it. If I had that power, which only pertains to the artistic direction (authors, director, head of the structure, network manager), if I could hunt anyone at my pleasure four and four, Adriana, with whom I did not get along with right away, would she stay eight years? In addition, he allows himself to say that I was ironic about my mother’s Parkinson’s by telling her that he could play maracas, Painting me as a cynical and ruthless son. So, in the meantime, my mother never had Parkinson’s, and then the beat of the maracas was made by us in the studio Bruno Lauzi, who unfortunately Parkinson’s had, making fun of himself. And he knows it welle».

Last updated: Saturday 25 July 2020, 10:30


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