‘Those illegal parties such as in Hilversum are organized weekly’

The illegal party that was ended by the police last night in Hilversum is not unique. According to a visitor to the party with more than three hundred visitors, similar illegal raves are organized around Amsterdam every week. “A party is organized almost every week. This has been happening all summer”, the visitor, who wants to remain anonymous, tells the NOS.

The organizations behind the parties mostly originated during the corona period and all promote their parties in their own way, for example via Instagram or WhatsApp. The organization tonight has also given parties before. “It’s not something new. It always happened, even before corona was there. The difference is that now a lot of young people come to it, for corona it was more of an underground audience, a bit alternative.”

‘People from all over the Netherlands’

If you want to be at a party, you have to send the organization a message, the visitor explains. “A few hours in advance you will receive the location of the meeting point. There you gather in groups and then you go to the location together. I am from Amsterdam and do not want to travel too far for it, but every party I speak to people from all over the Netherlands. Yesterday I saw acquaintances from Deventer, Beverwijk and also from Germany. ” According to NH News yesterday the location, by means of coordinates, was sent via the Instagram account locatie12.events.

An entrance fee is often requested at the parties. Yesterday visitors had to pay 5 euros. Water and laughing gas were also sold, says the Amsterdammer.

This is how it went last night:

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