Thomas Pesquet tries to reach Pierre Niney from space, who refuses his calls for 15

Without knowing it, Pierre Niney refused for two weeks the most unusual call he will probably receive in his life: a phone call from Thomas Pesquet, live from space ! The actor shared this anecdote during a interview given to Release and published Monday, November 15.

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While staying at the International Space Station (ISS), the French astronaut asked for a copy of Black Box, a french film whose hero is played by Pierre Niney. Thanks to a supply mission, Thomas Pesquet received the film and immediately had it viewed from space, 420 km above sea level, reports Lemon Juicer.

A call from Houston, Texas

Having really liked the feature film, the astronaut wanted to congratulate the actor, of whom he is a fan, in person and therefore sought to call him. But as explained Lemon Juicer, when such a call is organized from space, it transits through Houston, Texas (United States). And this specific location appeared on Pierre Niney’s phone when he received the call.

Having no project there, the actor therefore refused the call for two weeks. Thomas Pesquet tried several times but Pierre Niney did not answer, thinking of spam. Intrigued, he ended up picking up the phone after two weeks and realized his mistake.

The two men were finally able to discuss and joked together about the telephone misunderstanding. On Twitter, both confirmed the veracity of the story and Pierre Niney reiterated his apologies to the astronaut. “The first time I ghost a call from space!” “ the comedian joked.



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