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Thomas Müller and Joshua Kimmich suffered a bitter defeat together in Qatar.Image: IMAGO/Chai versus Laage

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The German national team returns to Germany after the bitter disappointment at the Doha World Cup. The dream of becoming a world champion was shattered. Right after the end, all the DFB stars looked incredibly depressed. Joshua Kimmich and Thomas Müller in particular made heartbreaking statements in subsequent interviews. But now that the first shock has been somewhat digested, Kimmich returns to speak with a little distance.

Joshua Kimmich was hard on himself after the World Cup

It is clear that the disappointment among all the football professionals involved is great. After the tragic loss of the World Cup, the German national team mainly criticized itself. One person in particular was the hardest to judge: Joshua Kimmich.

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Joshua Kimmich was devastated right after the World Cup.Image: Matthias Koch / imago images

Immediately after the 4-2 victory over Costa Rica, he looked dejected in the talks area at Al Bayt Stadium. “Let’s go home, so I’m a little scared of actually falling into a hole.” In a trembling voice, he described the all-important Friday that sealed the end as “the hardest day of my career”. He considered himself responsible.

“I’ll need time”

Joshua Kimmich

World Cup 2022: Kimmich is more composed again

Back in Germany on Saturday, the protagonist spoke again on Instagram for the first time. He wrote a post where he looked a little more composed than he did right after the decider: “Once again we have not been able to consistently bring our quality to the field. I will need time to analyze everything, process it and draw the right lessons from it,” he wrote. She even posted a photo of her on the spot.

Apparently, the professional does not want to let himself down. He concludes his contribution with optimistic words: “In four weeks at the latest, it’s time to attack again, because giving up is never an option!” To do this, he uses the hashtag #Believeinyourself.

DFB colleague Müller surprised with a cryptic statement

Joshua Kimmich’s post garnered hundreds of thousands of likes and numerous comments in just a few hours. Most of the fans expressed encouraging words, including his DFB team colleague Thomas Müller. Commenting on his colleague’s post, the attacker said: “You deserve more my friend.”

This statement leaves many fans with question marks. After all, Müller himself was also impressed by the World Cup and, according to her, deserved “more”. Several users promptly commented on Müller’s comment expressing their astonishment. “Wtf?” writes on one. And another: “You would all have, Thomas, you would all have earned more.”

In Müller’s words, the fans see further proof of his retirement from the DFB squad

Is Thomas Müller alluding to how dissatisfied he is with his performance? Shortly after the decisive match, the striker had already indicated that he even wanted to retire from the German national team. “It’s a real disaster for me,” the 2014 world champion said on ARD, adding: “If that was my last game,” he already wanted to thank the German fans.

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Fans hope Müller recovers.Image: dpa / Christian Charisius

Apparently he doesn’t make them happy with his statements. Fans see Müller’s words under Kimmich’s photo as another indication that he’s serious about his indicated retirement. “Your words hurt a lot,” writes one person below the comment. Numerous people address encouraging words to the forward and encourage Müller not to give up: “You deserve more. Take your time, but don’t forget: you have done so much for your country and you don’t deserve an end like this. I hope you find your same strength to return”.

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