This young star his father’s Shelby GT350R

We all know that the Ford Mustang It’s one of the muscle car most popular of all time, and also that its presence in viral videos about accidents at the exit of concentrations is already a tradition. However, this time we have found a somewhat different video, but with a similar ending.

Domestic accident

We do not know the place, but we can intuit that the owner of this Shelby GT350R it will not have made any grace to him that his precious copy has suffered a small mishap unexpectedly, more so if everything has happened in the garage of your house. The other great protagonist of this story is the owner’s son, in charge of ruining the day to his dear father.

The details about what happened are very limited and all we know is that the young man I was in company from a friend of his, or maybe his girl, so he decided to get into his dad’s car and yell for a few seconds while trying to tear out the eight cylinder beast That hides under the hood. The plan looked great but when you make a small mistake, everything can be spoiled.

All for an oversight

That error we refer to is directly related to the six-ratio manual gearbox from Shelby. We say this because, as we can see in the video, when trying to start the V8 with a gear gear, the boy did not step on the clutch pedal and the GT350R He had no choice but to impactar against a garage door that was a few inches from the ‘nose’.

After the crash, the young man quickly got out of the vehicle and started jumping while shouting “I’m dead”. Given his exaggerated reaction We asked ourselves if the whole episode was organized, but if not, surely his father has already scolded him enough. And it is not for less because nobody would like to start their car without notice, especially when they hide under the right foot 534 horses and 580 Nm, extracted from a block of 5.2 liters atmospheric.

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