This year, the National Vágta awaits visitors in Szilvásvárad

This year, the National Vágta awaits visitors in Szilvásvárad

Preliminaries were held at a total of ten locations in Hungary and five across the border. Kristóf Nagy Szotyori said that 60 settlements qualified in the 15 preliminaries.

In response to a question, he pointed out that there will be several changes compared to previous years, so in Szilvásvárad instead of the previous five, four riders will start at the same time in a race, but the distance will not change. Perhaps the biggest change is that only participants can compete with Hungarian-bred horses

– he highlighted, adding that with this they are trying to help Hungarian sport horse breeding.

In accordance with the traditions of previous years, the competition will also have an international race this year with the participation of eight countries. It is a big change that the competitors of the international race will be riding horses from Lipica this year, he noted.

Regarding Kishuszár Vágta, he said: this year, 32 settlements are sending their young riders to the competition, which is considered a record. In the competition, people between the ages of 10 and 16 can ride ponies.

The preliminaries will be held on Saturday with the participation of 60 riders, and on Sunday the riders of the 16 settlements that have qualified for the intermediate races will participate in the competition. At the final on Sunday afternoon, the winner will be chosen from among the riders of four settlements, who will raise the decorative sword on the galloping hill.

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