This would be the integration of WhatsApp and Facebook Messenger


Facebook has the most powerful communication industry on the internet and that is why the integrations of its services are viewed with caution by anti-monopoly organizations. The truth is that Instagram is already testing the way to join Messenger and the most expected would be the appearance of WhatsApp in this equation.

The site specialized in the messaging service, WABetaInfoHe gave a glimpse of how developers are already working on an upcoming merger.

“Reciently @ Alex193a He warned me about the integration of WhatsApp in Facebook Messenger, including several important clues! In particular, we are talking about the possibility of communicating with a user who uses a different Facebook application, in this case between two users who have WhatsApp and Facebook Messenger, ”says the portal.

This site took a screenshot of local database tables where administration panels are shown in WhatsApp for integration with Messenger.

The list of things that would be possible to do with this union of both platforms would be:

  • WhatsApp will allow you to communicate with people who do not have the app installed, but instead have Messenger installed.
  • Facebook will be able to know if a contact on WhatsApp is blocked.
  • It will also be possible for Messenger to know if you have WhatsApp sounds and notifications disabled.
  • You can block the details of a chat (which includes particular information such as the contact’s phone number, a message counter, if the chat is archived …) but not its content, members of a specific group and profile pictures of the contact.
  • Facebook could import the protocol signal to encrypt and decrypt messages, already used by WhatsApp.
  • Any WhatsApp user must consent to be found on Instagram or Facebook, but to get a correct answer, we must wait for Facebook.

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