This will be the record indexation of pensions in 2022. Here are the first calculations of new pensions [12.09.21]

Even by 4.89 percent – this is how much pensions may increase in 2022 compared to the currently paid benefits – this amount was entered in the state budget. However, the amount of the increase will probably be higher than assumed.

All because of the record inflation in the entire European Union – this is higher than assumed by the government. The Central Statistical Office (GUS) informed that in August 2021 it reached 5.4 percent on an annual basis. High increase in prices will have to be compensated in the indexation of benefits. Underestimated inflation rates will force the government to recalculate the budget.

This is to be the record indexation of pensions in 2022 – example calculations

The Monetary Policy Council prepared new forecastswhich was officially announced by the National Bank of Poland. These are new facts after the government’s proposal for the indexation of pensions in 2022. There are many indications that the indexation will be more than the previously planned 4%.

Taking into account the lowest and highest inflation forecasted by the NBP and the MPC for 2021 and assuming that the real price increase will be the same as the last one. The indexation will thus exceed 4 percent. and will be from 4.14 to 4.74 percent.



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