This will be the expansion of the High Line, the main promenade in New York –

One of the main attractions of New York, the High Line, will be enlarged in a project presented by Governor Andrew Cuomo, with the main objective of creating a connection between the emblematic pedestrian walkway with the Penn Station train station and subways.

The $ 60 million plan calls for building an L-shaped walkway to connect the High Line near Hudson Yards to the new Train Hall, designed as part of the Penn Station expansion.

Once completed, the walkway would allow pedestrians to connect directly from the avenue to the station lobby without having to cross streets that are heavily trafficked in the area.

They are also looking to build a second extension of the High Line, past the Javits Convention Center, to bring the pedestrian bridge to Pier 76.

Currently Pier 76 is a place where the New York Police Department keeps the vehicles it impounds for being parked in prohibited places. Governor Cuomo has plans to close it down and turn the area into a park facing the Hudson River.

“This will be the most ambitious remodel New York City has seen in decades,” Governor Cuomo said at the presentation earlier this month.

The plan will extend the existing High Line east at 10th Avenue and 30th Street, along Dyer Avenue to the middle of the block between 9th and 10th Avenue, where it will turn north and connect to the elevated public space. The public space would then end at 9th Avenue directly across from the entrance to the Farley Building and the new Central Hall of the Moynihan Terminal.

Strategically extending the High Line at these locations will not only create new public space, but will also address citizen and visitor concerns about pedestrian access between Penn Station and Hudson Yards and the surrounding areas.

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Meanwhile, Midtown West continues its transformation into a burgeoning commercial and residential neighborhood in Manhattan.

The High Line is New York’s most popular elevated park, and its length will provide safe passage for travelers, residents, and tourists touring this booming area.

This is the first phase of two planned extensions to the High Line that will create more pedestrian-friendly and safer connections through Midtown West, from the new Central Hall at Moynihan Terminal to Pier 76 in Hudson River Park.

The second stage will extend the northwestern end of the High Line, which currently ends at 34th Street and 12th Avenue, heading north through Javits Center, before turning west and crossing the West Side Highway and ending at the pier 76, the next big public pier in Hudson River Park.


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