Home News This weekend will be hit and miss with a lot of wind...

This weekend will be hit and miss with a lot of wind Inland


The weather was also hit earlier this week. Today we can expect a mix of sun, clouds and showers, Weeronline predicted. The temperature can vary from 19 to 23 degrees.


On Saturday the day starts with (drizzle) rain, in the afternoon it will continue to be cloudy: in the west and north of the country it can still rain. In the south and east it may remain dry for a while.


On Sunday the weather will be more turbulent: the wind we already felt on Saturday is getting stronger and heavy winds can be expected on the west coast. There will be showers in the morning in the morning, but in the afternoon it may be that the sun comes out.

After the weekend, the clouds and showers give way to some more sun. However, the real summer weather does not last.



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