This week the festival of contemporary dance “Environmental Dance” is gaining momentum / Article /

From Monday, in Līgatne, contemporary dance professionals and enthusiasts have gathered together for a busy working week to celebrate the international festival with new productions, as well as work in master classes and workshops. “Video leaves” decade.

The festival started in Pinki, but also spent several summers in Ropaži, Ķeipene and Lūznava. Every day will be unique – master classes and classes will be led by both domestic and foreign choreographers, but on the evening of August 8, anyone interested will be able to watch new productions in various locations in Līgatne.

Although not as widely as the organizers would have liked in a summer free of Covid-19, the opening of the tenth contemporary dance festival “Environmental Dance” took place on Monday in Līgatne near the House of Culture. The main organizers danced, greeted local and guest artists from European countries, and the participants rested after the first day of work, spent in nature. This year the theme of the festival is the future, ecology, humanity.

The artistic director of the festival, Lily Lipora, believes that the place itself says a lot in front of the scenography.

“First of all, its place is scenography – Līgatne is a wonderful place in the sense that it is relief. In fact, the dance of the environment is a return to originality, it is such a deep ecology, when you understand, feel your body, understand your feelings, then you can harmonize with other people, ”said Lipora.

Thanks to Lipora and her like-minded people, environmental dance festivals in Latvia take place not in an urban environment, in the city, but in the countryside. During the week in Līgatne, artists from Latvia and abroad, together with their troupe, which includes both professional dancers and absolute beginners or a boy who breaks at home, will create eight environmental dance performances, which will be performed in the meadow, at the former paper mill and elsewhere. The troupe of choreographer Olga Žitluhina can be found in the forest at the spring, although the finished show will take place elsewhere – in the Soviet-era bunker of the Rehabilitation Center.

“When Lily invited me to work at the festival and offered me places, I said, okay, bunker! But then I realized that I can’t be in the bunker for even two hours in a row, I can’t physically, I have claustrophobia! Then I realized, but how about making a show in nature while experiencing a bunker? Basically, it’s about in a out, internal and external! ” admitted Zhitlukhina.

In the square near the house of culture, an acquaintance with the mask theater took place. Troupe members need to interact with images that have real prototypes. The work will be a tribute to the bygone times and the departed fields, but the members of the troupe will have to embody the characters. All eight productions will be shown to the audience on Saturday. On Sunday, they will also be shown in Pinki, the first home of the festival.

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