This way you can save mobile data in quarantine

The use of the mobile and home internet has intensified since being asked to go into isolation to prevent the spread of COVID-19. This has caused a increased use of social media and applications, but not all data plans are capable of such demands.

Smartphones allow users to make settings to ration data usage from either an Android or iOS device.

If you are an Android user, the first thing to do is establish a data limit By entering the Settings menu and then the Data usage option, sometimes this option is found in the Connections option submenu.

Android usually recognizes the expense cap automatically, but if you do not or want to change it, in the Billing Cycle you will be able to find the Data limit option and set a number of Mega or Giga.

The user can also ask the device to generate a warning every time the data reaches a certain limit.

Other important options to save on data consumption is to give the order to the device only use data in certain applications, in this way the platforms that require a greater capacity or constant update use WFi.

These changes are also made in the Data usage option of the device settings.

Streaming applications

Downloads of any type and streaming applications consume the most data, so it is recommended to use it with the phone contacted by a WiFi network.

Some applications like Netflix or Google Play Music allow you to activate WiFi only mode that blocks the use of streaming unless you are connected to a wireless network.

In the case of iOS users, Apple brand devices allow to perform the same Android functions in terms of mobile data use, only under a different configuration.

From the Configuration option, enter Cellular data, then Options and activate Save cellular data, if your device has dual SIM you can activate the option separately for each cellular data plan.

In the same Configuration section there is the Wi-Fi option where the user can choose what Applications will rely solely on wireless networks and not on mobile data.

Another option not well known to users of any mobile device is Switch from using the 4G network to activate the 3G network.

If your device is Android, enter the phone settings, press More networks, then Mobile networks and end in Network mode, there you select GSM / WCDMA to enable the 3G network, to activate the 4G network again you must select the LTE / GSM / WCDMA option.

On iOS devices Enter Settings, look for Cellular Data and then in Options, in the Activate 4G option you select NO. To reactivate it, by the same previous route, select the Voice and Data option.



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