This was Andrea Legarreta’s emotional speech for Pride 2020

Andrea Legarreta She is always one of the women who most supports the LGBT community, and within the PRIDE 2020 the driver of the Today Program He saw a perfect opportunity to make a speech in favor of the rights of this group.

In this sense, he took the opportunity to participate in the PRIDE with words of encouragement, especially because for the LGBT community It is very important to go outside and demonstrate against homophobia.

Regularly, PRIDE becomes a party, but without losing the sense of being a demonstration, in which a minority demands to be heard and to assert their rights, which is why the host of the Hoy program invited everyone to put on our part.

“Not going out to demonstrate does not mean that we cannot do something from our space, our trench, from our families.”

Watch Andrea Legarreta’s video

The driver also added that it is about improving with the passage of time and generations, and teaching everyone, especially our children and family, that everyone deserves the same rights.

“All human beings deserve the same rights because we are equal, no matter who you love,” said the famous.

Andrea Legarreta surprises on Instagram and in the Hoy program wearing a PRIDE-style suit with all the colors of the LGBT flag, as always supporting the group, in the framework of Pride month.

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Erik Rubin’s wife took the opportunity to look super sensual, and in favor of the rights of the community, in a fishnet stockings suit that caused a sensation among Internet users, but that had certain details with the different colors of the LGBT flag.


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