This War of Mine for free. This is an idea of ​​the Ministry of Education and Science

The Ministry of Education and Science focuses on educating young people through digital games and makes available for free the masterpiece of 11 bit studios. The production of the Polish studio had already been entered into the school reading canon.

This War of Mine is a school-reading game

This War of Mine is an extremely successful production of a Polish company 11 bit studios. Importantly, the title was typed on school reading listwhich itself was the first such situation in history. This War of Mine has been appreciated by reviewers as well as by the global gaming community.

This War of Mine to manifest antywojenny

It is not a game “easy, simple and fun”. The work of the Polish studio is of a kind antywojenny manifest (so necessary in these times), which shows the atrocities of war from the perspective of a defenseless civilian trying to survive. This War of Mine it forces you to reflect, and teachers used this material to help conduct lessons with young people.

This War of Mine za darmoThis War of Mine za darmo
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This War of Mine za darmo

The Ministry of Education and Science provides the title for free

Ministry of Education and Science informs that This War of Mine – in version Final Cut for personal computers – is available from now on completely free of charge. This is a great opportunity to get acquainted with this title. On the government website you can find out what was the motivation behind this decision. Digital games today are more than just ordinary games “time killer”. It is worth noting here that this is not the first time that the Polish government has used new technologies for educational purposes. We can download for free on the Steam platform Ciphers Gamewhich was created on the initiative of Institute of National Remembrance.

Video games are one of the key elements of modern culture, and although it would have seemed unbelievable a few decades ago, today – thanks to the phenomenal development of technology and the poetics of games – they can have a real impact on our lives. We encourage you to broadly include educational games in the didactic process of students. Including games in the education system allows the transfer of knowledge in a way that is attractive to the student, developing soft skills and expanding the limits of imagination.

Ministry of Education and Science

Ambitious plans of 11 bit studios

The titles of the Polish company are known all over the world. Enough to mention Fr. Frostpunk, that is a strategy and survival game. 11 bit studios does not stop and during the PC Gaming Show 2022 presented a completely new project – Alters. However, the publishing wing of the company is co-responsible for Vitriol project, which will take us on an esoteric journey to Warsaw, which is under Russian rule.

Sebastian Barysz, journalist of Polygamy

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