This time it’s gone: MédiaSchool is coming to Montpellier!

« Initially, there will be 80 students here at the Halles du Lez in September of this year. Then in 2024, there will be 400 students in the classes of MédiaSchool, in Montpellier, but in the Halle Nova ”, dixit Virginie Brugues, future Director of the Hérault Campus of the Médiaschool group. Surely a follower of the saying “Who goes slowly goes far”, the young woman is not lacking in ambition for the development of the site in Montpellier, as for the development of future students. Huge program!

While Education is the first priority in the mandate of the new strongman of Montpellier, Michaël Delafosse, the latter certainly viewed the discussions recently opened for the establishment of MediaSchool in the Hérault capital. This Wednesday February 10 constitutes ” the start of a real great adventure“, Announces Virginie Brugues.

Prolix and smiling, the young woman is the future boss for Montpellier. In detail, no less than 4 schools will open in the fall: European Communication School, school specializing in Communication professions, Green Management School, specializing in CSR and ecological transition, SupDeWeb, digitally oriented, Montpellier School of Sports, focused on sports professions (apart from high-level careers, of course).

The opening of such a campus does not happen in a snap, and is only expected to last a handful of weeks. ” We are launching a project over many years. It will start here, in the Halles du Lez, before moving in 3 years to the Cambacérès district ”, continues Virginie Brugues.

In a city already richly endowed with post-baccalaureate training sites (University, Political Sciences, brand new Faculty of Medicine, Private Journalism Schools, Private Design Schools, Business Schools…), the arrival of a new French flagship of professional studies may surprise. But either … The location of the future campus can also be surprising. ” We have to be modern. The MédiaSchool group demonstrates its capacity for adaptability by making the choice, fully assumed and claimed, to set up in the future district of Montpellier ”, explains Virginie Brugues, under the approving gaze of Franck Papazian, President of MédiaSchool, and seated in the front row this morning.

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[VIDEO] Franck Papazian, President of the MédiaSchool Group

In a group that currently includes no less than 6,000 students, half of whom work-study, the future and youth employment are a subject as important as it is sensitive. Coralie Dubost, Member of Parliament for Hérault, Hind Emad, Vice-President of the Montpellier Metropolis, Alex Larue, Forerunner of the Future Economic Agency of Montpellier Méditerranée Métropole, Marie-Thérèse Mercier Vice-President of Ad’Occ alongside Carole Delga, Samuel Hervé, President of Medef Hérault, all these personalities present this morning went there with their little words to underline the importance of employment for the generations to come. ” Whatever we say, young people are teaching us things. I work every week at the Assembly, and I see it every day. In the digital world, the young interns that I enjoy welcoming there, they teach us a lot of things. One of them introduced me to Twitch in particular. So when I see that here in Montpellier, we are opening a new digital and digital school, I can only congratulate myself on that ”, enthusiastic Coralie Dubost, Member of Parliament En Marche for the 3rd district of Hérault.

« All companies must, the very small, the small as well as the very powerful, get involved and allow our young people, trained here, to be immediately employable. I am thinking here, of the alternation, but not only. We all have to work together for that ”, , for his part, detailed Samuel Hervé, President of Medef Hérault.

Precisely, succeeding him on the podium, it is Samih Khalef who comes with the other very good news of the morning.

The Asian sportswear multinational, headquartered in Lattes (800m from the Halles du Lez, the first site of the MédiaSchool group in Montpellier), is one of the first partners of the higher education group. The boss of the Hérault site confirmed this this morning: Asics had to be a partner in such a project. “Obvious”, to use the words of Samih Khalef.

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Another thing is certain: whether they are 80 this year or 400 in 2024, the future MediaSchool students applying to join the powerful sports firm will be very numerous. There is also no doubt about this.

[VIDEO] Interview, Alex Larue, lawyer and forerunner of the Montpellier Métropole Méditerranée Economic Development Agency, and Marie Thérèse Mercier, Vice-President of AD’OCC, regional advisor for Occitanie:

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