This symptom of the coronavirus indicates a mild course of the disease – doctors

According to the doctor, a headache with coronavirus speaks of a mild form of the disease, and this is confirmed by numerous international studies.

“International studies involving a large number of patients – about 55 thousand – have shown that the presence of headache with COVID-19 is not a life-threatening symptom. Even rather favorable. In other words, headache with COVID-19 is not associated with severe outcomes. “, – explained the neurologist.

She noted that there are international studies that have found that patients with regular headaches before the coronavirus, during the illness, this symptom is much easier to tolerate.

“A headache with COVID-19 can resemble a tension headache (as if the head is squeezed in a vice, but there is no nausea or vomiting), or a migraine,” the doctor added.

She emphasized that if a headache with a coronavirus is accompanied by nausea and vomiting, as with a migraine, this suggests that the course of the disease can be severe.



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