This Superman comic has sold nearly the equivalent of 45 Alphard

NEW YORK, – One of the few copies funny who introduced Superman to the world has been sold at a very high price.

Funny Superman is named Action Comics #1 was sold for 3.25 million dollars United States of America (AS) or the equivalent of IDR 47,335 billion in personal sales.

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The news of the sale of the rare comic was announced by on Tuesday (6/4/2021).

Launch New York Post, is an auction and consignment company online.

When compared, the money to buy the comics is almost equivalent to that of a Toyota New Alphard as many as 45 units.

The reason is, launching the Toyota Astra Motor website, price on the road (OTR) for the New Alphard variant 2.5 XA / T is IDR 1,064 billion.

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In addition, the sales record for the comic published in 1938 beat the previous record in 2014.

At that time, a copy of the same comic was sold at auction for US $ 3.2 million or the equivalent of Rp.46.630 billion. COO Vincent Zurzolo says comics Action Comics #1 is the pioneer and the beginning of genre comics superhero.

Action Comics #1 telling readers about Superman’s origins, how he came to Earth from another planet, and disguised himself as Clark Kent.

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Zurzolo said that it was originally a comic Action Comics #1 hundreds of thousands of copies were printed and released.

However, now it is estimated that there are only 100 copies left and in different conditions.

He added, a copy of the comic Action Comics #1 The one sold is one of the few in good condition.

“There is no comic book that you can score more highly in terms of comic books than Action Comics # 1, ”Said Zurzolo.

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