This RTX 3080 costs almost 20,000 euros, why?

A Zotac GeForce Gaming RTX 3080 Trinity reached on eBay the exorbitant price of almost 20,000 euros. What is going on? Why has the market been flooded with the exorbitantly priced RTX 3080? Who are the retailers who are inflating the price? Let’s do some clarity.

As we have already told you in another dedicated article, the first day of sales of the new Nvidia GeForce RTX 3080 was really frustrating for many users who wanted to buy the card and found themselves battling with crashed online shops and bots that have cleared all the warehouses.

Nvidia apologized, explaining that he is working hard to try to prepare new stock of the much sought after GPU as soon as possible, while at the same time trying to manually review orders placed yesterday to deliver the cards in the hands of real consumers and not resellers who they bought it using bots because they just want to make money by reselling them at an exaggerated price.

PCMag wanted to investigate what happened, trying to understand if the launch of the new video card was really ruined by bots who bought all the stocks or if the request was simply too high and the complaints of various users on social networks are only due to the frustration of not being able to grab an RTX 3080. What they found is quite interesting.

Someone bought 42 GeForce RTX 3080s

According to some Tweets that have appeared on the net after the exhaustion of all stocks of the RTX 3080, it seems that many users have really trusted bots to be able to beat the competition and take home one of the GPUs. However, it appears that some of them haven’t used these automatic scripts just to buy a single card that they can use on their computer, but have bought them in huge quantities and then resell them at exaggerated prices on sites like eBay, causing a premature out of stock.

RTX 3080 x42

One such user publicly thanked the bot creator group, called BounceAlerts, before deleting the tweet probably to avoid being overwhelmed by an avalanche of unpleasant replies. The reason? Well, this person bought 42 units of RTX 3080. Another user of the BounceAlerts bot brought home 18.

Contacted by the editors of PCMag, the group confirmed that they are creating bots that help their users take home the products they want. Access to the bot database would cost $ 75 per month, but apparently for many resellers the game is worth the candle. The bots would be able to carry out the entire purchase procedure, from the choice of the product to the final checkout.

According to a statement by one of the BounceAlerts members, more than 100 people have downloaded and used their bot and there are users who have purchased from 1 up to 30 RTX 3080 and above.

RTX 3080 bot

Nvidia defended itself but it wasn’t enough

Nvidia reported that the number of cards that could be purchased by the single user was actually limited. However, BounceAlerts said they found a way around the limitation, and judging by the results, their method paid off. The company led by Jensen Huang therefore decided to manually review the orders placed yesterday to try to find the users who used these bots.

However, what is happening right now is not very reassuring. The community is furious and is bombarding the social profiles of the American company with tweets and comments, many users are discouraged by the fact that it is not even known when the next stock of GPUs will be available. On the other side the market is being flooded with RTX 3080s being resold at exorbitant prices on the most common sales channels. The Zotac we told you about at the beginning is not even the card with the most exaggerated price, a Founder’s Edition surpassed € 75,000 before being removed from eBay.

Our advice is, as much as you want to have the video card in question, of avoid buying these cards, although available at only slightly inflated prices. Feeding the market only encourages this kind of behavior more: The more inflated cards sold, the more resellers make, the more likely they are to try to do the same for the next stock or product.

Have you managed to buy an RTX 3080? Is there a unicorn among our readers who has managed to beat the bots on time?

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