This Rp 19 Million Electric Scooter Sells Hard, Orders 100,000 Units in 1 Day


Motorcycle manufacturer Ola Electric just opened an order electric scooter latest. However, in less than a day, 100 thousand units of the battery-powered motorcycle have been ordered.

Quoted from Ride Apart, Ola Electric has opened orders for its newest electric scooter through their official website on Saturday (17/7/2021). In fact, the scooter has not yet received an official name from the company, but it has already attracted public attention.

The Ola Electric brand scooter is indeed on the rise in its home country, India. The company claims they have the most up-to-date electric scooter technology today.

Besides, CEO Ola Electric Bhavish Aggarwal is very active on social media in providing information about the company’s vision and mission in the future. Not to mention a number of plans, one of which is producing high-tech electric vehicles for transportation modes in India.

Ola Electric electric scooter Photo: Ola Electric

As a result, this method is quite effective in attracting the general public to the company and its products. So when Ola launched its first electric scooter, 100 thousand units were ordered in less than 24 hours.

Until now, Ola Electric has also not revealed the official name of the electric scooter. Speculation is circulating that the name of this battery-powered scooter will be named Ola S Series and will be present in three other variants, namely S, S1 and S1 Pro.

Regarding the specifications, this scooter from Ola Electric is equipped with a battery with a capacity of 1,115 Wh. The power produced is quite capable of 6,000 W and torque of 50 Nm.

On a single charge, this electric scooter can cover a distance of up to 80 km. Ola also equips the scooter with modern features such as a Bluetooth connection, a 7-inch color touch screen and a smartphone charger case.

As for the price, Ola Electric has not officially announced to the public. However, it is estimated that the electric scooter is sold at a fairly affordable price of 100,000 Rupees or around Rp. 19.5 million.

Ola Electric plans to ship a number of its electric scooters in the first batch starting later this month.

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