This Researcher Finds How To Turn Plastic Waste Into Vanilla Flavor

PR PANGARAN – Scientists from Edinburgh have found a way to use bacteria to change plastic waste to be a flavoring vanilla.

They had found a method of using bacteria E.Coli are everywhere to change plastic waste into vanillin, the main component of the seed extract vanilla which has a distinctive taste and smell vanilla.

Education Edinburgh it can help improve a circular economy that includes reduce, reuse, recyle, and remove uto harmonize the carbon cycle by balancing carbon emissions.

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Approximately 50 million tons of PET (Polyethylene Terephthalate) plastic waste is produced every year causing serious economic and environmental damage.

PET recycling is possible, but existing processes create products that only continue to contribute to plastic pollution.

To solve this problem, scientists from the University of Edinburgh use bacteria E.Coli engineered in a laboratory to convert terephthalic acid, a molecule derived from PET, into high-value vanillin compounds through a series of chemical reactions.

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The team demonstrated how the technique of converting used plastic bottles into vanillin by adding E.Coli to plastic waste degraded.

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