This queen gave Kate nightmares! The reason

Royals from all over the world are always under the watchful eye of the public not only for the activities they engage in, but also for the way they dress. Though Kate Middleton often tops the fashion charts, a Spanish lady doesn’t give in to her style and deserves her place among the best-dressed queens, writes “The Body.”

That’s right, we are talking about Queen Letizia, who often becomes our fashion inspiration, opting for much more casual clothes than those we are used to seeing in royal wardrobes. She also scores points for the fact that she almost always relies on local designers, supporting Spanish development and promoting her compatriots around the world.

In another royal duty, Queen Letizia gave us a holiday outfit idea that doesn’t involve a dress or skirt. It is suitable for all of us who are looking for comfort and elegance, while at the same time the outfit can be worn for both formal parties and office or other casual settings. In two words: the perfect combination.

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