This page allows you to create your own WhatsApp stickers

Currently millions of users do not know what to do with their WhatsApp account, and the use of stickers may be a determining factor in staying

As is public knowledge, 2021 did not start well for the leading instant messaging app WhatsApp, since it was involved in a great controversy due to its new, more aggressive, management and data collection policies.

After the new terms were known, millions of users are thinking about how to delete their account and are already considering new messaging apps to migrate, such as Signal and Telegram.

Likewise, from the same platform it has had to delay the implementation of its new conditions and launch information campaigns to clarify them.

However, what seemed to have no limit does, since it is almost inevitable that WhatsAppNo matter how hard you try, lose several million users permanently.

The use of stickers is a type of content that has become incredibly popular in recent months.

However, it is also a fact that many of them will stay in the app regardless of their new policies. This is because, even with its flaws, the platform has several useful functions for both consumers and businesses. Among them, the ability to use resources such as stickers in conversations.

You can create your own stickers

The use of stickers is a type of content that has become incredibly popular in recent months. Since they were presented to the public, they have been replacing other content, such as emojis, within personal conversations. But they have also proven invaluable in brands’ content strategies, giving brands a new layer of personality. So there is both personal and commercial value in creating your own WhatsApp stickers.

Right within this context the app enters Sticker Maker. As its name implies, it is a platform that allows Android users to create their stickers for WhatsApp. It comes with all the necessary tools to turn any photo or image into a resource that anyone can use in their conversations. Simply cut out, with your finger, the area that people want to appear on the sticker and save it in the app’s collections.

Also people can create WhatsApp sticker packages with various of their creations. Currently, up to 30 images can be saved in each collection. In this way, it will not be necessary for them to be shared one by one, but can be divided into groups with a particular theme. So it’s not just a great app for personal purposes. Even brands can get something out of it with a little ingenuity and just a few minutes of work, Merca 2.0 published.


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