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LISTENING TO WITNESSES: Line Andersen in Oslo District Court on Thursday morning. Photo: Ole Berg-Rusten / NTB

NRK’s ​​chief safety representative believes the case of Line Andersen would have looked different if there had been more transparency in NRK sports.


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Hans Ole Hummelvoll is the main safety representative in NRK, and Thursday’s first witness in the trial in Oslo District Court.

Line Andersen has sued NRK for invalid dismissal, based on having been taken off the screen after a long career with a high profile and prestigious TV assignments in the state channel. The trial started on Tuesday.

His role in the conflict has been criticized, not least a survey he conducted, in which the interviewees remained anonymous.

– I do not think Line is aware of the influence she has on her colleagues, says Hummelvold.

– I think that Line owns her truth and can explain based on that, but she does not own the others’ explanation and situation – we own it.

– Strong stories

When he started the investigation, he found that there were many employees who had had a difficult time, he says.

– They had experienced things that NRK had not taken note of. They were not taken care of. There were pretty strong stories. That surprised me. I did not know anything about this. I thought that here was a power and strength. I thought: This must end here, this must end. People had to be able to go to work and be safe.

Hummelvoll believes there should also be more openness in NRK-sporten:

– I am surprised that this has not been clearer before. If you had had a better openness in the sport at an earlier time, if you could have been open and talked and trusted each other, this could have been handled at an earlier time.

Andersen’s lawyer asks the chief safety representative how he set up the conversations with the employees.

– I have some notes of my own. I did not send out minutes no.

– You maintain that conversations are confidential and you would not share that?

– Much has been written in the press about that note. It says these are anonymous accusations, they are not.

Hummelvold believes it is important to be able to be confidential when talking about situations like the one with Andersen.

– You get a different story if you can not be confidential, he says.

– I chose to deliver an average summary of the stories I received.

– Must have ceiling height

Stein Magne Os is a former producer and project manager at NRK, former employee and freelancer at NRK Sport. He has worked with Andersen at several championships.

He makes it clear that he has not had difficult experiences with her, and emphasizes that many of those who are good at TV are personalities who “take place”.

Andersen’s lawyer asks if Os has experienced that she has been rude or unreasonable:

– No, I have never experienced that.

– Have you experienced that she has gone beyond a good working environment?

– No. We work so closely together that we must have a high ceiling for different people. Line can take up a little more space than others occasionally, but part of it helps to create environments and mood and the atmosphere we have in the editorial office.


NRK-VETERAN: Stein Magne Os, pictured here at the Paralympics in Salt Lake City 2002. Photo: Thomas Nilsson / VG

Os has a lot to say about Andersen, and denies that she is a prima donna.

– No, I do not want to say that. In the productions we have had together, Line has been an integral part of the team. We rent barracks for office space and live 15 people on 20 square meters, and it has gone just fine.

Andersen is extremely good at TV, Os thinks.

– She is thoroughly prepared, so having her with you is a great security. It’s almost like it’s possible to place Line in a snowdrift with a camera and microphone and it’s a good TV. She creates a good mood in the studio, and is always very well prepared. Journalistic and professionally strong.

Ola Fagerheim, producer and project manager in NRK-sporten with 39 years of experience in the state channel, supports Os’ statement.

He emphasizes that Andersen is a “perfectionist”.

– Line takes up a lot of space, she is loud and has clear opinions and is clear about what she wants, and I appreciate that. No matter how the discussions go, we are always friends afterwards.

NRK’s ​​lawyers do not ask questions to Fagerheim.

* VG updates the case

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