This Mother Wins IDR 2.7 Billion Lottery Thanks to Leaks from Her Child’s Dream

UDON THANI, – A mother in Thailand managed to win lottery 6 million baht (IDR 2.7 billion), thanks to entering the numbers in dream his son.

Tithiya Bantaohome, mother from Udon Thani, Thailand, told of her son’s dream which ended in a windfall for him, reported the news. World of Buzz on Thursday (8/4/2021).

He said that in March his child’s best friend died wearing a shirt with the number 1970 on it, according to a Thai daily report, Khaosod.

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Bantaohome’s son said he dreamed that his late best friend would come to him in the same clothes and talk to him.

In the dream, his friend asked, “Why are you still living so hard? Why aren’t you rich yet?”

His friend then threw a sack of rice filled with cash at him.

After his son shared his dream, Bantaohome bought a lottery ticket numbered 472270 at Kasikorn Bank.

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Media Thailand Matichon reported, the mother said she went to the market as usual, and when she passed the lottery shop she bought the ticket.

After the draw at the office Lottery The government, Bantaohome was announced as the first champion on April 1, and that was not the April Mop.

According to the media Thaiger, Thais can be very superstitious in lotteries.

Many people will use the numbers they see in their dreams, or use the numbers from the date and age to buy lottery tickets.

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Some people even believe in rare or miraculous numbers, such as a license plate number if a woman gives birth in a four-wheeled vehicle.

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