This Mother Sold Her New Week-Old Baby to Buy Shoes

MOSCOW, – One mother of Russia was arrested while trying to sell her one-week-old baby on the black market for a pair shoes.

Luiza Gadzhieva argues that she is looking for parents who are willing to adopt the baby when it is being held up during an operation.

The 25-year-old woman was caught receiving £ 3,000 (Rp.57.6 million) from the police posing as a buyer.

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Gadzhieva was arrested while trying to deliver her one-week-old baby at a coffee shop in the Russian capital, Moscow.

Local media reported that he had discussed with his brother what shoes he would buy once the baby was sold.

Before the police arrested her, the mother had been prevented by the anti-slavery group Alternativa, it was reported The Sun Saturday (10/10/2020).

“We have tried to give him various explanations that dangerous and very bad conditions await the child,” commented Alternativa.

However, what made the group slip away, was the attitude of Gadzhieva and her brother who had been unsure about what kind of shoes to buy.

Gadzhieva, a mother of three, told undercover police she was going to keep the money at home.

As soon as he received the money, Gadzhieva reportedly gave his son away and wrote a sign of purchase.

Gadzhieva could not move and could only cover her head in shame when she was confronted by detectives, who arrested her.

“Don’t say ‘it’s been sold’. That’s too harsh. You can judge me. But I can’t help it anymore,” he said.

During the interrogation, Gadzhieva confessed to all of her crimes, with the baby reportedly in good health.

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