This mother reports that she is sitting separately from her son, airline: is there a problem?


To do flight Being around children can be fun, but it can also be terrifying. For example this mother.

Reported by Daily Star, this mother’s name is Jennifer Keller. She is going to Delaware United States of America.

This mother ordered two seats, one for her 3 year old son. Children 2 years of age and older must have their own flight seat.

But during the day flight, Keller found his son sitting separately from him. Keller quickly tried to resolve the issue through online settlements.

Unfortunately the problem has not been resolved. Keller tried the customer service line on the phone, only to make her mood worse.

“The airline rep on the phone said it was up to me to sort it out,” he said.

Keller remembers well that the agent asked him to solve the problem himself by swapping seats with another passenger.

When boarding came, Keller and her daughter climbed into the plane’s cabin and scouted for seats. As soon as she got to the first chair, her daughter realized she was sitting separately from her mother.

The baby started crying. Keller also tried to ask the passenger next to her daughter to switch seats with her. Fortunately, the passenger who was a man was willing to change, even with a painful reason.

“He said he didn’t want to listen to my son’s cries for the whole flight,” she said.

His story went viral, Keller finally received compensation in the form of a flight voucher of USD 75 or about IDR 1.1 million.

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Indeed, this is not the good Keller wanted. He hoped airlines would have new standards for minors not to be separated from their parents or guardians.

What do travelers think?

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