This Monday the Alfalfa 2021 Expo opens in Villa Mercedes

This Monday and Tuesday, the Alfalfa 2021 Expo will take place. During the event, the Province will disclose the actions carried out to reverse the environmental problem in the Morro Basin, a measure that not only showed positive results, but has also expanded the national and international marketing of Alfalfa, in its different varieties. The activities will take place in the Rural Establishment “Don Hugo”, located at kilometer 718 of Route No. 8, north of Villa Mercedes.

For this Monday, the scheduled schedule begins at 9:30 with the accreditation of participants, for half an hour after the institutional presentation of the Conference, by the secretary of San Luis Logística, Sebastián Lavandeira. Next, they will explain the actions developed in the “Don Hugo” Establishment, as well as the inter-ministerial agreements that made them possible.

At 10:30 the opening of dissertations will be held, the first being “Alfalfa in San Luis and the region – Local trials”, by the Agronomist Mario Funes (INTA) and the Technical Team of
Primary Production (AlfaZAL).

After a break, the second presentation will be “Alfalfa: Implantation, management and current genetic potential”, which will be dealt with by the agronomist Roberto Rossanigo (private consultant – geneticist), guest of Agvance – WL Alfalfas. Next, the agronomists Chungo Butta, Carlos Bassin and Luis Dotta, from Phosfértil, and Juan Cruz Colazo (INTA) will address “Alfalfa Fertilization: Traditional vs Liquid Phosfértil”.

After lunch, the activity will resume at 2:00 p.m. with “Processes for exportable quality hay (part 1) Cutting and windrowing – Comparative (helix Vs reaper)”, presentation by Federico Sánchez (Claas Argentina). Half an hour later there will be a presentation on “Field variety trials – cutting dynamics – raking – field”, topics on which specialists from AlfaZAL, Massey Fergusson and Federico Sánchez (Claas Argentina) will elaborate, thus closing the first day of Expo Alfalfa 2021.

Note and photos: ANSL.



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