This Mini Rorschach from Watchmen could enchant you as Funko Pop!

The history and characters of Watchmen are something very peculiar, because this world full of vigilantes and crazy things makes it more and more interesting. Rorschach falls into that same category, a franchise co-star who is regarded as an antihero.

One of the things he is known for is his white mask with black spots and his detective-like outfit. On this occasion, a ArtStation artist named Lucas Andrade has recreated the character in a way never seen. The design is very adorable and you could possibly like it.

Rorschach – Fan Art x Lucas Andrade

It is a Mini Rorschach that with this minimalist and simple design makes us remember the Funko Pop figures. Possibly, it would make an excellent collectible figure. On the other hand, you can take a look at Pokémon x DC: Beast Boy finds a Ditto in this great Fan Art.

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