This mechanical keyboard has a built-in 12 inch touch screen

Integrated touch keyboard

picture: Fishiha

Like keyboards and butterfly chargers Universe Along with iPhones, the MacBook’s Touch Bar will soon be gone. This feature was not completely useless, but its small size prevented it from reaching its true potential. If you are going to put a screen on your keyboard, you should definitely follow this kind of idea Mechanical keyboard with 12.6 inch touch screen Will do.

Amazon consumer electronics listings are slowly being picked up by completely unknown brand names, but generated by a random character generator. You may argue among yourself about the correct way to pronounce “Ficihp”, but there is little debate about the usefulness of this work.

discovered before Boeing BoeingAlthough it looks like a stand-alone combination of a laptop and tablet, the keyboard has no real computer components. king, Useless. BWhen the cable is connected to a computer or mobile device compatible with external displays and hardware accessories, it acts as a small 71-key mechanical keyboard. and a 12.6-inch color touch screen with an ultra-high aspect ratio and sculpted HD resolution of 1920 x 515.

Unlike the Touch Bar on the MacBook, It has been Personalization Apps are restricted to the way they choose to use them, the screen on this keyboard acts as a secondary screen for a laptop or desktop computer, so users can move the apps or toolbars they want on it. The ability to have touch screen shortcuts to tools and functions commonly used in complex applications like Photoshop is an amazing use case that isn’t fully rendered in the Touch Bar, but it is possible.

Some of the other use cases suggested for this extension in the keyboard promotional images seem pretty simple. For example, you can use files The keyboard screen is used for taking notes during a video conference call, leaving the large screen to display the speaking heads of all participants. ohR ، You can use it as a place to pause your Twitter feed, so it’s visible at all times. It’s your mental health, and who are we to tell you how to take care of it?

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