This man in Bandung fights Begal to defend his lover and his action is viral

BANDUNG, – A video showing the criminal acts of the robbers on Bandung viral on social media.

Based on the information gathered, this disturbing street crime occurred in the Sukajadi area, Bandung City.

Based on the recording, a man and a woman were seen standing in front of a house.

Suddenly, the perpetrator who was wearing a helmet walked over to the two people, brandishing a sharp weapon.

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This helmeted man then took something from the female victim. Suddenly the male victim tried to catch the perpetrator while shouting “begal”, but was met with resistance from the perpetrator armed with a sharp weapon.

Even the perpetrator did not hesitate to swing the sajam at the victim who immediately jumped to avoid the strike.

“A, begal, A, begal,” shouted the man who was the victim.

Residents who heard from inside the house immediately rushed out. While the perpetrators immediately fled.

The video recorded by the surveillance camera has been uploaded by the @ account on Instagram social media.

Meanwhile, the Head of Public Relations of the Bandung Police, AKP Rahayu Mustika said the video of the viral robbery action on social media took place in front of the Arbian Alley on Jalan Cipedes Tengah, Rt 05/06, Cipedes Village, Sukajadi District, Bandung City.

The disturbing incident occurred on Sunday, August 9, 2020 at around 01.49 WIB.

At that time, the victim, known as Taupan, was about to pick up his future wife, Ernawati, in front of the Arbian Alley, Jalan Cipedes Tengah, an alley leading to her house.

When they were chatting, suddenly a man wearing a helmet and an unknown person approached the victim.

This man with a helmet did not appear to be alone, behind him the perpetrator and three of his friends were waiting in two vehicles not far from the victim’s place.

“A man (the perpetrator) suddenly approached the victim and his future wife, the man took out a type of dagger and pointed it at the victim while talking in silence while grabbing the victim’s cellphone,” Rahayu said via short message, Monday (10/8/2020) ).

Suddenly the victim then shouted beggar. Residents heard that ran out of the house.

While the perpetrator fled with his partner who was waiting on the motorbike.

“There were no injuries or deaths in the incident, only material loss in the form of an Oppo A5S cellphone that the perpetrator took away,” said Rahayu.

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According to Rahayu, the victim will report the incident to the police today.

“The plan is to report on Monday, August 10, 2020 considering that his future wife is still in shock,” said Rahayu.

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