This man died a month after being bitten by a bat, apparently Rabies – A man in Illinois died a month after bitten by a bat. This 80-year-old man previously complained of symptoms rabies but refused treatment.

Adapt NBC News Friday (1/9/2021), this man from Lake County woke up from his sleep and found a bat biting his neck a few weeks ago.

Many people were worried that he had rabies but this man refused treatment until finally, a month after the bite he developed symptoms of rabies and died.

The Illinois Department of Public Health confirmed and added this was the state’s first case of human rabies since 1954.

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Only one to three cases of human rabies are reported in the US each year. Once clinical symptoms appear, the disease is almost always fatal, according to CDC.

Illustration of neck pain after being bitten by a bat. (Shutterstock)

The man in Lake County had symptoms of rabies, including neck pain, difficulty controlling the arm, numb fingers and difficulty speaking.

After an inspection, a colony of bats was found in his house. “If you think you have rabies, seek medical attention immediately,” said the director of the department of health, Dr. Ngozi Ezike.

Vaccines can be given after exposure and 30,000 to 60,000 people in the US receive treatment each year, the CDC says.

In the US, most human rabies deaths occur after exposure to bats, according to the CDC, but any mammal can get it.

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Other common wildlife susceptible to rabies are raccoons, skunks and foxes, he said.

Worldwide, rabies causes the most deaths in Asia and Africa, and dogs are the main source of transmission to humans, according to the World Health Organization.



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