This Lada Granta has 340 horses! And all-wheel drive for that

The grant of the Russian carmaker Lada is a cheap model, basically powered by a modest 16-liter engine with an output of 87 horsepower. But it can be a beast with 340 horses. Such a Grant was built directly in Russia.

Lada Granta is an available model of the Russian carmaker, which, after a facelift in 2018, added a station wagon and hatchback to the sedan and liftback offer, bearing until then the designation Kalina. Kalina in the form of a hatchback was also a frequent tool of Russian rally riders. Now there’s her evolution, a rally special based on Lady Grant.

Behind its creation is the Russian stable MR Motorsport, which logically properly modified the car for the needs of the new focus. Everything superfluous was dismantled, the shell seats settled inside and the crew was protected by a protective cage. The body has been widened due to the wider wheelbase and the body has been decorated with new bumpers, supplemented by the necessary roof spoiler, which is important to ensure sufficient downforce.

But most importantly, the mechanics in the bowels also changed. While the standard Granta hatchback is available with different versions of the atmospheric 16-liter with 64, 72 and 78 kW, respectively, in the bowels of the Granta rally, a supercharged 18-liter tuned to 340 hp (250 kW) at 5,600 rpm. He has to deal with a car weighing 1,254 kilograms.

In addition, it is paired with a racing sequential transmission with six gears. And its power is transmitted to all wheels. As a result, the intestines are fundamentally different from the starting hatchback with a single-axle drive.

MR Motorsport wants to use this Lada Grant in the Russian rally championship, starting next season. Theoretically, however, we could see this special in the international racing field, because according to the behind-the-scenes reports, there will also be a version that meets the rules of the R5 group rally.



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