This is Xi Jinping’s Cannon, Biden’s Response to the Hong Kong Conflict

Jakarta, CNBC Indonesia – The Chinese government today, Friday (24/9/2021), announced its new rules to crack down on agencies that the United States claims to interfere with Hong Kong’s autonomy issues. Under the regulation, more than 100 institutions and people are blacklisted by Beijing.

Chinese Foreign Ministry spokesman Zhao Lijian said that his party would continue to take firm action against anyone who tries to pit Hong Kong against China. He also stressed that the US must continue to guard itself so as not to get involved in issues that are considered by the Bamboo Curtain Country as its domestic issues.

“The US must not tolerate any force that is anti-China and causes trouble in Hong Kong, or it will only lift a rock to hit someone’s foot,” he told a news conference.

On its official website, China mentions several US figures who are included in the list. Among them are House Speaker Nancy Pelosi, President Donald Trump’s Secretary of State, Mike Pompeo, and his successor, Anthony Blinken. In addition, Beijing also detailed examples of US interference since 2019, including President Trump’s signing of the Hong Kong Autonomy Act in 2020.

However, China’s foreign ministry did not explain why the list was released now and what punitive action would be taken against those named on the list.

Relations between China and the US itself are known to be still hot in the era of President Joe Biden. Biden had previously criticized Beijing for shutting down one of Hong Kong’s pro-democracy newspapers, Apple Daliy. Biden called it a symbol of the Communist State’s intensive repression.

The problem in Hong Kong itself is still ongoing. Residents in China’s autonomous region want Beijing’s strict control not to apply in the region. This is opposed by China on the grounds that the international city which is also a former British colony is still its sovereign territory.

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