This is why you must not let your hydroalcoholic gel in your car !

The hydroalcoholic gel is now part of our daily lives. With the crisis of the coronavirus, citizens must sanitize their hands every hour to prevent the spread of the virus. But attention to the use that you make of the gel, because it can be very dangerous !

gel hydroalcolique car

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Prudent use

The hydroalcoholic gel is undoubtedly become the best friend of many citizens. With the crisis of the coronavirus, people now have almost all on them. The government recommends washing the hands with all the hours. This is why it is very important to have on you. Some stores or establishments to offer it to the input history to welcome the customers in all security.

But be careful, the gel should be used with caution because it can cause many burns. Especially if you use this last one to the beach. Doctors alert over the dangerousness that he may have. “Alcohol as a substance photosensitising, the user is exposed to a dermatitis in charm, a burning caused by the reaction of the alcohol on the skin with the sun. ”

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Don’t leave your gel in the car !

But it is not only on the skin that you need to be careful. Some citizens believe that it is a good idea to let her freeze in the car as this allows you to have everything at your fingertips. But this can be very dangerous.

Ford unveils that : “chemicals such as ethanol, that are found in gels, hand sanitizers, can attack surfaces, leading to their wear premature. ” This is why it is necessary to not leave it in your car to protect the surfaces especially if your car is parked in the sun !

However, as it has been related on the social networks with photos misleading, there is no risk of explosion.

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Posted by FJ on June 22, 2020

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