This is why blackheads are created in warts

Many of us will have faced the little discomfort of a wart on the sole of the foot. Warts are skin growths that can form all over the body, but those that grow on the soles or toes are often the stubborn and the most painful. Perhaps not everyone knows that warts are a symptom of a viral infection.

They are caused by a virus

It is in fact the virus of human papilloma which causes these annoying imperfections.

This virus is extremely widespread in the human population, and many carry it without exhibiting any symptoms. It is possible to contract it when we touch infected surfaces, for example if we walk barefoot in gyms, swimming pools or communal showers.

The virus can remain dormant for a long time, and then cause warts when our immune system is particularly weak. It is easier to contract the human papilloma virus. Especially if there are scratches or abrasions on our skin through which it can enter our body.

As you may have learned the hard way, it is very difficult to get rid of warts (here are some remedies), and often the only remedy consists in the surgical removal, freezing or burning of this annoying growth.

Blackheads in warts

But if you have tried to cure a wart yourself, you may have noticed that there are often strange black or dark red dots under the surface layer. What is it about? They are dangerous?

This is why blackheads are created in warts.

The black dots that form in the center of warts are commonly referred to as ‘seeds’. But of course, these are not real seeds.

These are actually small blood vessels, which are compressed by the tissues of the wart and therefore cause small angiomas. This is why blackheads are created in warts.

These capillaries can also bleed a lot if we cut the wart or overdo the file when we remove the most superficial layer of the skin. They can be the entry point into the body of bacteria and viruses. So if we happen to make a wart bleed, it is very important to disinfect the wound immediately and bandage it so that it does not come into contact with the external environment. Here is the mystery of blackheads in warts.

(We remind you to carefully read the warnings in this regard, which can be consulted who”)

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