This is what your taste in music reveals about your character

A life without music? For most people this is difficult to imagine. No wonder. Music not only makes us happy or inspires our imagination, it can also help us to cope with difficult or sad moments. But the music itself is not just a preference. According to a study by the University of Cambridge, it is also closely linked to our personality.

This is what your taste in music reveals about your character – according to the study

For the extensive Cambridge University study around 350,000 participants from 53 countries on six continents were researched to find out more about the Relationship between taste in music and personality find out. What did the researchers find out? For example the following facts:

  • Fans of British musician Ed Sheeran tend to be more extroverted.
  • People who can identify with Nirvana’s “Smells like Teen Spirit” are said to have more neurotic traits.
  • Especially social people prefer more danceable music.
  • The music of the late music genius David Bowie has been associated with the personality trait “openness”. In particular, the song “Space Oddity”.

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Pretty exciting, right? But: The University of Cambridge has been able to establish a connection between music preference and personality, of course, this does not apply to everyone. Anyone who listens to Nirvana’s “Smells like Teens Spirit” over and over again does not necessarily have to have a neurotic personality. But the study is still exciting, we think!

Scottish study finds connection between character and taste in music

Incidentally, a study by the Scottish Heriot-Watt University went into even more detail in this regard. As part of the studyfor the over 36,000 people were asked about their taste in music and their character traits around the world, the researchers discovered the following character traits, for example:

Classical music

Anyone who enjoys listening to classical music is considered to be more introverted and creative.

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In the context of the study, fans of pop music tend to be attributed more extroverted character traits and a traditional way of life.

rock and metal

With rock and metal fans, one always assumes that these people are also rather aggressive, extroverted and loud. However, the study proves the opposite. Anyone who likes to listen to rock or metal is considered shy. These people should not always be blessed with great self-confidence either.

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