This is what you should consider if you are pregnant and want to receive the coronavirus vaccine | Univision 62 Austin KAKW

“When I talk to my patients who are pregnant about whether or not they should get vaccinated, I like to explain things to them that they have to consider. One is how the virus can affect them if they test positive during pregnancy, because we know that pregnant women with covid-19 are more likely to have the virus more severely and are more likely to be hospitalized, “said Jessica Ehrig, specialist in Baylor Scott & White Maternity Unit.

According to health authorities, being vaccinated against covid-19 during pregnancy in addition to preventing hospitalization, if it is positive for the virus, future mothers or mothers who are breastfeeding could also protect themselves from transmitting the antibodies to the virus to your baby.

“We have found that the mothers who receive the vaccine have the antibodies in the umbilical cord, which means that the babies are receiving the antibodies from their mother, so the mothers who are receiving the vaccine are protecting their babies at the same time. time, ”Ehrig said.

However, although it is confirmed that getting vaccinated during pregnancy is effective for both mother and baby, there are many moms who decide not to get vaccinated.

“I recently had a patient who decided not to get vaccinated and at the time of having her baby the virus was positive. The baby at birth was placed in the intensive care unit, which prevented his mother from being with him because he had the virus, ”said Ehrig, who urged expectant mothers to speak with their doctor to make an informed decision about whether or not to use it. vaccine.

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