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This is what the PlayStation 5 interface looks like – The presence of the console PlayStation 5 ( PS5) is still one month away. However, Sony increasingly active in sharing the latest information about the next gen console.

Recently, the Japanese company revealed its appearance interface (UI) which will be present on the PS5. The interface is shown in detail through an 11-minute video, uploaded by Sony via the PlayStation YouTube channel.

Immediately after playing, the video shows a significant difference between the interface of the PS5 and PS4. Similar to the PS4, users will be greeted with a Homescreen page containing a row of games on the console.

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The difference is, the background on the page will display the theme or a snapshot of the game the user last played.

Sony has also retained the menu bar which can be found at the bottom of the TV screen. However, the logos and menus in it look different.

GSM Arena The Explore menu on the PS5 displays information about the selected game

Sony also added a new menu called Explore. This menu provides the latest information about games and updates launched by Sony.

It is stated that the Explore menu is still in the testing phase, so only US users will have access to the feature at launch time. Sony promises to roll out the menu gradually.

PS5 users will also find the PlayStation Store menu, which has a layout on the far left side of the Homescreen. Through this classic menu, users can buy and check for games that will later visit the PS5 console.

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In addition to adding the Explore menu, Sony also presents the Control Center menu, which can be accessed by pressing the PlayStation button on the DualSense controller.

Through this menu, users can access various important information related to the game being played, such as a list of friends who are online, view the status of game downloads, and various other menus.

Interestingly, the PS5 also brings another menu called Game Help which can provide tips and tricks for users who stop at certain game levels. The information presented can be in the form of images or videos.

Game Help feature that can display images and videos containing help when players are stuck at a certain levelGSM Arena Game Help feature that can display images and videos containing help when players are stuck at a certain level

Game Help also won’t interfere with the game display, because it will appear picture-in-picture. As a result, players can view help through Game Help as well as play the game simultaneously.

Collected KompasTekno from GSM Arena, Saturday (17/10/2020), the Game Help menu is only available exclusively for PlayStation Plus customers. Thus, users who do not subscribe automatically cannot access this menu.


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