This is what the influx of Bulgarians in Edirne – Balkans leads to

  • August 11, 2022

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  • The influx of Bulgarians to Edirne for the market has led to an internal migration of traders who arrive from neighboring counties to look for work, the IHA agency reports, quoted by BTA.

    Tens of thousands of Bulgarians come shopping in Edirne, especially after the decision of President Recep Tayyip Erdogan, which allowed Bulgarians to travel only with identity cards without foreign passports, the agency notes. This led to the activation of trade in the area and an influx of merchants from districts such as Istanbul, Tekirdag, Kirklareli and Canakkale.

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    The search for shops for rent has led to an increase in prices – objects previously rented at a price of 15,000 lira (2,700 euros) are now being rented for 50,000 lira (8,800 euros), says Serhat Checker, chairman of the Edirne Association of real estate brokers.

    Tyulai Kaitan, a local merchant, says that 90 percent of all customers are Bulgarians.

    “We sell to Bulgarians. Thank God that this continues. If the Bulgarians were not there, it would be difficult for us,” he says.

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