This is what makes Sergio Ramos disappointed with Real Madrid


Sergio Ramos officially leave Real Madrid. The 35-year-old defender was a little disappointed with The whites. About what?

Ramos finally left the Santiago Bernabeu. After 16 years at Madrid, he now has to find a new club.

At Madrid, Ramos is already a legend. Purchased from Sevilla in 2005, the player who is now 35 years old has presented many prestigious trophies.

Among them are five LaLiga trophies and four Champions League titles. In addition, Ramos also made a great record, which was able to make 101 for Madrid.

Ramos left this season, after his contract had expired. However, not without Madrid’s efforts to try to maintain the captain.

Madrid apparently had offered Ramos another year’s contract, plus a reduction in salary. The player who also brought Spain to win the 2008 and 2012 European Cups and the 2010 World Cup felt less comfortable.

Sergio Ramos himself asked for a two-year contract extension, citing his family. Real Madrid apparently did not give him, because he ended his offer on the grounds that the time for discussing it was over.

That made Ramos a little disappointed. He considered, Madrid did not notify in advance if it turns out they gave a deadline to discuss his new contract.

“I never wanted to leave Real Madrid, I always wanted to stay here. In the last few months, the club gave me an offer of one year, with a pay cut. I want to emphasize that money is never an issue, president [Florentino Perez] know that,” Ramos said, quoted by ESPN.

“It wasn’t a question of money. They offered me one year, I wanted two. I wanted peace and continuity for my family. In the last conversation, I accepted the offer with a pay cut. I was then told no more offers. I was told that , even though I agreed to sign the proposal, but it had an expiration date. I didn’t realize it. It surprised me.”

“It was a private meeting which I wanted to keep secret out of respect for the club, the president and myself. But it is true, that it was communicated to me a week ago, through my agent, that the offer had expired without us knowing.”

“Nobody gave us an ultimatum. I think it is possible to accept the last offer they made. That’s a question I can’t answer. The club has its priorities,” he said.

After leaving Real Madrid, Sergio Ramos associated with several clubs. Manchester United, Manchester City, Paris Saint Germain, and his former club, Sevilla, reportedly interested in accommodating it.

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