This is what Jony Ive (ex-Apple) does nowadays

He was once the big man behind the designs at Apple, but what is Jony Ive actually doing nowadays?

Anyone who has actively experienced the rise of the iPhone is undoubtedly familiar with Jony Ive. In a slick presentation video with a white background, Ive talked about the design of the latest Apple-Products. A job that he carried out with passion, but a few years ago he thought it was great. The designer was ready for a new challenge.

It has always been quiet around Ive and what he does. All that was known is that the designer had started his own company called LoveFrom. This company brings designers from all over the world together on one platform. But whether you need a full working week for that? Apparently not, as Jony Ive had some time to spare and is now joining AirBNB. That’s Brian Chesky, co-founder and CEO of AirBNB, announced.

But, you think now, AirBNB is an internet company. You can’t design products there, can you? Wrong, because in the message Chesky states that the company has the ambition to release products and services. What exactly is not yet known. It is clear, however, that LoveFrom, led by Jony Ive, are responsible for the design. This is a collaboration for several years, says Chesky.

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