This is what happens to the body when eating trotters .. and a consultant warns them of


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Monday 06 July 2020

I wrote- Amira Helmy

Al-Qara’a is one of the most popular fatty foods, and the ways to cook and eat it differ, but have you ever asked what happens to our body when eating it?

Dr. Sayed Hammad, a nutrition consultant at the National Institute of Nutrition, told Masrawy that the treacle is characterized by containing a gelatinous gel of collagen that is useful for the skin and hair, softening the joints and strengthening the ligaments.

He continued: “It also contains a degree of phosphorous, and a small percentage of calcium and protein, but excessive consumption of them is not useful.”

He pointed out that trotters should be eaten without being extravagant, as they contain “fatigue” and fibers that are difficult to digest, and with a high percentage of saturated fats, and high calories, and there are some ways to cook them that may make them exposed to bacteria, so it is preferable to cook them immediately after purchasing them and boil them in boiling water.

The nutrition consultant warned some groups against eating trotters, asking them to eat them in the minimal limits, and they are those who suffer from chronic diseases such as patients with pressure and heart, and those who suffer from obesity due to the difficulty of getting rid of the saturated fats they contain.

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